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Cloud-Powered Data Storage
Secure, Scalable & one-stop data storage
Document Management Platform (DMP)

Effortless Document Management Platform, Simplify storage, analysis, and collaboration for seamless workflows.
Save time and resources with an intuitive interface and powerful tools.
Maximize productivity security, and team efficiency.


Storing documents across various platforms presents a challenge. That's where our Document Management Platform comes in. With streamlined organization, enhanced security, and easy access to your files, our platform is the solution you need. Experience the power of efficient document management and unlock new possibilities for your business. Simplify your workflows, protect your information, and take control of your documents with our Document Management Platform.


One-Stop Resource Management

  • Engine Repair

    Centralized Storage

    Document Management platform Service offers easy file management features. You can upload, download, create, move, copy, delete, and organize files. You can also add comments on the files

  • Brake Repair

    Simplify Your File Management

    Document Management platform simplifies file handling. You can store, edit, delete, and search for different types of files, just like on your own computer. It makes managing local and cloud files seamless.

  • Tire Repair

    Efficient File Sharing

    Document Management platform helps you quickly share files over the internet and within your network. It keeps track of file transfers based on your network's speed and lets you share files between groups without needing to download or transfer them.

  • Steering Repair

    Activity Monitoring with Log Audit

    In Document Management platform, the user actions are logged, enabling you to easily track and export these logs online. This helps in monitoring and managing user activities efficiently.

  • Red Car
  • Steering Repair

    Streamlined Administrator Hierarchy

    Document Management platform has different levels of administrators: super administrators, drive administrators, and team administrators. This helps manage things based on different job roles, department and staff in companies

  • Battery Repair

    Top-Level Security and Control

    Document Management platform ensures top-notch security. It offers flexible permission settings and keeps a record of past actions. Plus, it guarantees 99.9% uptime and 12 nines of durability. It keeps track of what users do and lets you easily check and save those records online.


  • DMP Service offers solutions for online education and teaching. It allows teaching and learning from various devices remotely. You can easily manage teaching activities, share educational materials, and enable online communication among students, parents, and teachers. It brings modern teaching methods to life.


    • Easily upload and showcase student homework, simplifying teacher-student interaction.
    • Share course information and materials among parents, teachers, and students for improved collaboration.
    • Centralized organization of teaching resources for easy access and retrieval.
    • Facilitates the accumulation of valuable educational materials over time.
    • Access to excellent courseware and resources contributes to higher teaching effectiveness

  • In the new retail industry, DMP helps businesses create global supply chains, R&D systems, design systems, and sales channels that work together online and offline. This means quick sharing of information, fast delivery, tracking deliveries, easy undoing of changes, and consistent online data for supply chains. It's a way for companies to change how they work and collaborate


    • Easily preview, audit, share, and swiftly upload and download files, fostering seamless collaboration
    • Access your files and collaborate from mobile devices, desktops, and the web.
    • Enable fast and secure sharing of crucial information within your organization
    • Improve team productivity by simplifying file management and working together on projects

  • Our platform offers a smart way for traditional industries like manufacturing to work together. Now, workers don't have to carry big files between offices, workshops, and quality checks. They can also track file movement with online workflows. And for in-store customer service, we make it quick, flexible, and secure to collaborate on after-sales documents. Our platform also helps with fast searches in FAQs, making online service more efficient and reliable.


    • Fast and efficient large file uploads
    • Easy collaboration on design drawings, workshop photos, quality inspection documents, and after-sales files
    • Simplified file sharing among frontline workers
    • Online workflows for tracking file movements
    • Quick and secure after-sales document collaboration

  • DMP Service modernizes photography and videography work processes and enhances client collaboration. It simplifies file management, making it easy for professionals to share photos and videos with clients seamlessly. With a central hub for media storage and organization, professionals can efficiently access and share high-quality visuals, fostering better communication with clients and ensuring exceptional results


    • Simplify sharing photos and videos with clients.
    • Easily manage and access visual media files.
    • Speed up media file handling and organization.
    • Improve client interactions through smooth sharing.
    • Build a collection of high-quality visual content.


Documents Management Platform Plan

Ginger Mini
₹ 10,000.00
Ginger Micro
₹ 20,000.00
Ginger Mega
₹ 40,000.00
Storage 1 TB 2 TB 4 TB
Number of Users 10 20 40
File Downloads 8 TB 14 GB 28 GB
Extended features - Online File Preview NA 1000 requests 4000 requests
Extended features - Online File Editing NA NA 4000 requests
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